Friday, November 12, 2004

The T-Word: Terrorist

That's what Arafat was and that's what people are hesitant to call him. Don't ask me why. Really, there's a reason we as a nation stopped dealing with him and it was because he was a terrorist. Whatever else he may have been in life - father, husband, giver to charity or symbol of hope (for other terrorists) he was still a terrorist.

Ranger has a good round up of reactions to Arafat's death.
I would also note Dasani Canon's recent post and a link by OneBigSwede in this category.
Fraters Libertas has the right idea as well (and as usual :)

The Wall Street Journal has also collected some reactions from World media to Arafat's death and because they are having an open house this week to their online site, you should be able to check it out.

The general consensus of those international media outlets seems to be that now that Arafat is gone, the "peace process" has new hope. That may be the case, but it seems to me that Arafat was the leader of the Palestinians for a reason - he represented their interests, not just his own. Does anyone doubt that if an organization like Hamas or the PLO felt that Arafat was taking the wrong position they wouldn't just overthrow him? I just pray that the world does not get duped into doing business and purusing elusive peace with a new leader who is just another terrorist.