Monday, November 08, 2004

Handing out the prizes

Thanks to Drew at Darn Floor for pointing out NE Republican's List of Winners and Losers. It was quite timely because I had just gotten through skimming a similar feature in Time Magazine.

I certainly agree with Drew that this is a highlight:
Bloggers - Bloggers played a role in this election by policing the mainstream media. Without bloggers, the fake documents broadcast by CBS would never had been discredited. Bloggers also shot down the bogus explosives story at the end of the campaign.

And I understand Drew's point Michael Moore may not be a "loser" in the sense that he has gained the opportunity to continue to make money off of Bush-hatred. But he is a loser in the sense that he is on the losing team. I don't think people will care as much about what he is saying now that the election is over, and I certainly hope I don't have to hear from him as much. Money doesn't always make a winner a winner.
Meanwhile, Dasani Canon thinks that Michael Moore is a sophisticated terrorist because of his ability inspire hate and then capitalize on it. But she also warns that Moore's next film is going to be about the media. I wonder if he will get as much coverage with that one.

On the flip side, Time Magazine lists Ann Coulter in the winner column. They call her "The Mouth that Roared" and she said:
A [John]Kerry presidency would have been better for business [but Bush is going to] increase the number of books I can write by reducing my chances of being killed by Islamic terrorists.

Exactly right. If John Kerry had won, Coulter would have been able to ride a wave of Kerry hate, but her chances of being a loser wouldn't be as good as Moore's chances of loser-ness in our current situation.

Finally here are two more good items from NE Republican's list.

Hugh Hewitt - I list him for two reasons. First he warned us not to panic over the exit polls that showed Kerry winning in a landslide. Second, the title of his book, "If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat", was a perfect description of why Kerry was forced to give up in Ohio.

Way to go Hugh!

MA Supreme Court - 11 more states have banned gay marriage to protect against out of control courts like the one in MA. Thanks for playing a role in sinking the candidate from your own home state!

I'm also hoping these 11 states' results will send a message to activists judges all around the country.