Tuesday, November 23, 2004

A Small Question of Legality

There was a lot of talk on talk radio today about this [non-amnesty] Guest Worker program that has been mentioned by President Bush.

People seem to be against it, and yet - this is happening (as reported by Best of the Web):
"A year-old state law that qualifies illegal immigrants for cheaper in-state tuition rates so they can better afford college also has some unintended beneficiaries: 80 international students on temporary visas, who, this fall, also get to pay the lower costs," reports the Seattle Times.

OK, maybe we're a little slow, but why is it a problem if legal aliens have the same benefits as illegal ones?

Yeah...and...WHY in the WORLD are we giving college benefits to illegal immigrants? I mean, I would sort of understand it if we weren't spending so much government funding on a little agency known as the INS that tries to find these illegal immigrants - but we are spending the money. There is such a thing as the INS! To me, this is akin to giving illegal immigrants driver's licenses and then complaining that they hide so well the INS can't find them.