Monday, November 22, 2004

Sustained Christian Involvement

Thanks to Evangelical Outpost for pointing me to this extremely amusing satirical website: The Holy Observer.
I thought this article was particularly appropriate:
Millions of Evangelicals Return to Political Inaction
- "Bush Elected, Work Done," Say Christian Conservatives

DAYTON, OH - With the presidential election decided in favor of George W. Bush, millions of evangelical Christians have returned to a state of political inertia, experts say. Content that their man will be inaugurated for a second term this January, these believers are gladly disengaging from the political process for another four years.

"Well, that should just about do it," said Ryan Alcorn, scraping the W'04 bumper sticker off the rear window of his Dodge Caravan. "All this political activity has really left me exhausted. I'm so glad I don't have to think about it again for a few years." Tossing a hand-painted sign in the back, he continued, "Now I can go back to holding up my 'John 3:16' sign at Buckeyes games instead of the 'Bush-Cheney' one."

The sense of relief was echoed two doors down, where Naomi White was throwing away three dozen unused Christian Coalition Voter's Guides. "I'm glad it's over, yes. Now the family can get back to doing devotions using the Bible, instead of these voter's guides."
Christian Pollster George Gallup speculates that this ebb and flow is consistent with the evangelical way. "Look at revivals, crusades, camp meetings," Gallup noted. "Every couple years evangelicals realize they've been heading down the wrong path, and they find some intense way of correcting it. Then they figure they've done their part, and they fade out for another few years. Hey, so long as they remember to vote in the presidential years, it's fine by me."

Now, there's a reason that satire is funny, but we may be able to learn from it as well. I think there are two points here:

1) The things we do as part of our devotion to Christ should not be put on hold during periods of high-political involvement. That is, we should still be reading the Bible and doing devotions while at the same time keeping up to date on news and such. It's a balance, just like everything else.

2) While it's true that there are not as many opportunities to be involved now that the Presidential Election is over, the President still needs our support. Also, we still need to stay informed because conservative policy initiatives are in the works not just at the White House but in state governments around the country. As Christians, we need to be able to understand which stances have Biblical backing and which do not. Lastly, Republicans are already planning for the Presidential nominees for 2008. Keep an eye out for which names come up. I have already heard some republican names bandied about that I would not support. The part of Primary season that happens before the nominee has been decided, happens quickly. There is not a lot of time to learn about the candidates and decide who is best to support. So, we can start now.

Or next year I suppose :)