Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I just can't get enough of Terry McAuliffe...

...and he's just not in the press enough these days. Thankfully, Sean has found him in the article:"Dems use Pearl Harbor to slam GOP". The article quotes Terry who, as the Ranger often reminds me, has admitted to lying in public if need be and therefore should not be taken seriously in any circumstance. To that end, I encourage much non-taking seriously of the following Terry quotes:
While we as a nation are united in this fight, there are clearly deep divisions within the Republican Party, divisions that are impeding our fight against terrorism.
Moving forward, it is my sincere hope that the Republicans running Washington will stop playing their political games and start fighting for the American people, just as our honored veterans did 63 years ago.

Sean's response:
Democrats are convinced that, if they can just find the right way to say it, red-staters will forget that their record on defense is terrible (and that it was Republicans who backed a Democratic president after the attack on Pearl Harbor).

Democrats seem to be preparing a completely new "message." One they believe will "play" better in the red states. What they don't understand is that we already know who they are. Having John Kerry try to convince us that Dems would take the war on terror seriously didn't fool anyone. Having the whole pantheon of leftist phrase-jockeys mouthing variations on "we're the party of defense... and values, don't forget values" for the next four years, won't convince anyone.

I'm certainly not convinced. But that may be because I'm too busy laughing and not taking McAuliffe seriously.

If democrats think that this so-called new message is going to have any effect in the aftermath of this election, they are not only wasting their time, they are also delirious. All the voters they wish to reach with this "new message" are recovering from political campaign burnout and won't tune into to all of this for at least another 6 months.