Thursday, December 02, 2004

Thursday quick hits...

Other interesting things from today...and...not-today :)

Back there in the past
The Ranger has returned home from the mountain and even though his research does not involve ancient Greek and Roman history, he's quite well versed in those subjects. Therefore, if he recommends a Victor Davis Hanson article on Alexander it's probably pretty good.

The U.N. and the Ukraine
Sean updates on the United Nations' rejection of the idea of a Kofi Annan resignation [though I also partially blame Kofi for not just resigning already] and the views of some congressional Democrats on the Ukraine Election.

Conventional Weapons & Judiciary Nominees
I saw this Patterico post last week and made a note of it, but never completed my own post on it. I still find the concept interesting: An alternative to the Senate "nuclear option" involving a vote on a non-binding resolution of support.

Weird Candy
As much as the Ranger doesn't like spiders, he does like strange unique candy. I think this certainly applies.