Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Password is...

I think I might start posting based on a keyword.

Or not.

But for now, I am linking to a MattCrash! post because it is not only well-written, informative and ambitious, but it includes the word "bourgeois" which has been the subject of some discussion around here.

Seriously though, all the words in the post are well worth the read, and it's wide-ranging, covering topics like Wal-mart vs. Target, Sara Evans vs. Emmylou Harris, the alleged good points of NPR and O'Charley's Restaurant.

He additionally links to some discussion about the Groningen Protocols which I discussed last week.

Lastly, Matt has this paragraph about Bush vs. Kerry, which contains today's bonus word:
It is said that John Kerry lost votes in rural areas because he appeared too aristocratic or uppity, as a country voter might say. The Democrats are now regarded as out of touch, yet many of George W. Bush's suburban voters have tastes that are increasingly bourgeois. The President's lack of culture, as some liberals charge, has not cost him a single vote. John Kerry, apparently, had too much of it, and it did cost him votes. What is this saying about the political and social landscape in which we live? I think I shall continue to pursue this idea.


UPDATE: DarnFloor's Drew comments on Matt's post.
And, to be consistent, I should note that Drew had his own "bourgeois" post, and an interesting one at that.