Monday, February 21, 2005

Apparently, a bit of specification is in order

I heard from a Reliable Source once that so-called "President's Day" is actually officially called "Washington's Birthday" by official type things like government calendars and so forth. At the time, I said "Well, doesn't the 'President's' part try to honor Washington and Lincoln?" which was something I had always thought going through school. The Realiable Source said that was a misconception and even if it were true, calling it "President's Day" didn't delineate it enough - honoring of President Clinton on this day might then be required as well - and apparently that was not an option.

So, Washington's Birthday it is.

But StonesCryOut is having a bit of a President's Day Celebration with fun facts about various presidents (including several from good ol'Ohio) and a tribute to George Washington himself.