Friday, February 11, 2005

Easongate Multiple Choice Quiz

Compared to Dan Rather, Is Eason Jordan

a) smarter?
b) possessing more class?
c) just unfortunate enough to work at a network that threatens to fire people more quickly?

Eason Jordan has quit CNN.

I'm really unwilling to say in general that Jordan has more class. Perhaps he just has more sense...but I really just think he would have been fired. CNN is a cable network that is known for News. CBS has CSI to put its bread on the table almost every night of the week and therefore could afford to wait months for an investigation - AND keep Dan Rather in the end!

Still, if Jordan really thinks that quitting will settle the Easongate firestorm...then he must not know about that website. (btw, the goals of the site have indeed been accomplished, but they still want the tape).

However, Instapundit posts comments doubting that the tape will show up:

Sisyphean Musings -- who was promised the Davos video, only to see the Davos folks renege -- writes: "I can't understand why Eason Jordan would resign over 'conflicting accounts' of his remarks at the WEF, without first asking that the video of those remarks be released to clear up those conflicts."
Meanwhile, Jim Geraghty observes:
I still don't understand why Jordan would resign rather than call for the tape's release -there was always a chance that the public reaction would be, "oh, it's not bad as I thought it would be."

Unless, I guess, it was so bad, that cries of outrage would be inevitable... And the release of the tape would have turned this into a natural television story.

Additionally, Geraghty has a lot of good updates on that post. He quotes great analysis from Decision 08, including this important comment:
I find Easongate unique in one revolutionary respect: this time, the MSM never even got off the sidelines.

to which Geraghty adds:
And we learned that a lot of people in major media institutions thought this was a tempest in a teacup, unworthy of even a paragraph of coverage.

It's true. If you were at all away from blogs during the time when this was all breaking, you're only chance of seeing it would have been Special Report's Grapevine segment, which is the same segment that tonight talked about gay penguins, so that tells ya something.

In the end, InDCjournal's quote gets the most laughs:
I'm actually shocked. I'm starting to believe in Hugh Hewitt's theories about blogs having the omnipotence to warp space and time, cure baldness and raise the dead.

I recommend reading all of the Kerry Spot post on this one.