Monday, March 21, 2005

All kinds of bad points

Florida Rep Wasserman Schultz was just ranting on CNN.

First, she said that the "American people lost" today because congress inserted itself in a "Private Family Matter" and that the "Republican leadership thumbed their nose at the Constitution."
Huh? Why is it ok for Judges to insert themselves into "Private Family Matters" but not Congress? At least there's a chance that members of Congress were elected by those Private families.

Second, she said that Terri did not wish to be sustained on "artificial life support." Now we can argue forever about what Terri actually wanted, and because we can do that I still think it's crazy that so many Democrats want to hang their hat on this point ad nauseum. Strangely enough, the thing that made me realize that the Democrats know that to be a weak point, moreover an unverifiable point, is when Judy Woodruff chose that part of Wasserman Schultz's statement. There's no point is arguing that point because there's nothing to conclude. It's all hearsay.

I'd rather go back to the point that a feeding tube is not artificial life support.