Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Out of Gas? Yeah...Life's tough.

Now, I'm not one to pass judgment or minimize things that cause stress and suffering in the lives of others...but when you're stressed out by something like telemarketers, you really need to step back and get some perspective. Shockingly enough, I think this is an area where the New York Times and I might disagree:
In 2002, Harris Interactive, a market research group based in Rochester, conducted a phone survey called the Daily Hassle Scale that asked 1,010 people to rank the aggravations they faced in a typical day. The survey found that poor people and African-Americans suffer the most stress from the everyday annoyances such as noisy neighbors, telemarketers and pressure at work, but it did not explain why.

As I just mentioned 3 minutes ago, I'm unemployed and so...relatively poor, and as such I'd have to say that "noisy neighbors" and telemarketers are not the biggest stressors in my life right now. And if you feel "pressure" at work...well...You have a job!!! ahhh.

It reminds me of something I read today from a writer working in LA:
Actual conversation going on next to me: "I mean, this morning on my way to Pilates, I saw my car was almost out of gas. I mean, my life is crazy right now!" I am not kidding.

Yeah...it's sort of like that.