Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Where's Wil?

This past weekend, for only the 2nd time ever, I watched a complete episode of CSI. These were special circumstances, you see, my mom had taped it and we were waiting for the Cable internet guy to finish drilling holes in the walls of her house as part of the cable internet installation.

Anyway, I noticed during the "guest starring" credits that Wil Wheaton would be in there. You know, Wil Wheaton!! Star Trek: TNG! Come on! You have to know who I'm talking about...

Well...I was so excited to see his name there that...I promptly forgot about it. Then, when this scary homeless guy was drug out of some hovel in the park, it never occurred to me that it was good ol' Wil.

Then as it happens, I saw this:
There's a nice article in the New York Times Arts section today called A Computer Is Also a Screen, Wil Wheaton Discovers about Wil, his blog, and his various other endeavors.

Uh...Wil Wheaton has other endeavors? Among which, apparently, is a blog. He really has a blog?
Wil attaches quite a bit of importance to his blog, saying:
Without my blog, I'd be just another forgotten former child actor, dug up every decade or so on a "Where are they now?" program.

Really? His blog keeps him from being a forgotten child actor? Is that because it's so well known?

Oh well, good for Wil. If his blog can add purpose and meaning to his life, then Huzzah! for him.

I guess without my blog I'd just be an unemployed physicist, drug up every now and then to answer weird math questions and perform random computer services for my network of friends. But I guess I am that even with my blog.

Right Beverly? :)