Sunday, March 20, 2005

In case we thought they couldn't get any more foolish...

...the Democrats have proven us wrong again. I was watching news coverage of the House debate on Terri Schiavo and thinking about how unbelievably ridiculous it was that the House Democrats were making all the rest of the sane reps wait until 12:01 am to vote on the bill. It's almost unreal, but it's happening, as Rick at StonesCryOut comments accordingly:
Congressional Democrats gave me more justification for my choice of party affiliation today. Democrats blocked a voice vote on the bi-partisan Schiavo legislation, a tactic that will only delay the President's signing of the bill. Once the Republicans get a quorum, which may occur as early as 8 hours from now, the bill will be passed overwhelmingly by the House. The Dems know that the legislation will pass, but instead take this opportunity to placate their base and demonstrate to America that they are the party of obstructionism and not on the side of life.

It's like the House Dems are the annoying little brothers of the semi-ineffectual neighborhood bullies that are the Senate Dems.

At least the Senate Democrats can obstruct for more than 8 hours at a time. I can just see them all shaking their heads at their little brothers in the House, saying "Amateurs."