Saturday, May 14, 2005

Yes, I admit it, I'm from Ohio

Remember the long-term senate ousting plan? Well I propose that the 2010 election spot be given to George Voinovich. I saw his ridiculous speech during the Bolton committee discussions. What is he doing? Does he think we want to see Senators voting one way but speaking another?? I heard some discussion that maybe that was his deal with Lugar, he could say whatever he wanted for as much time as he wanted as long as he voted in step with the republicans. I don't have any linkable sources for this idea...but it sounds silly to me. If Lugar did make such a deal, he'd have to know that it would make Voinovich look stupid, and by extension, cast some dirt on the GOP as a whole.

John Podhoretz had a column about exactly this idea that it makes the whole GOP and even the Senate, look pretty bad.
Other times, a nominee becomes an occasion for a senator to perform a holier-than-thou tap-dance. Such was the case yesterday with John Bolton and the Republican senator from Ohio, George Voinovich, who insulted and attacked Bolton without ever having bothered to attend one of the committee hearings in which Bolton testified.

It was comic to hear Voinovich describe Bolton as a "bully" yesterday, because the only bullying in sight was being done by Voinovich - attacking somebody who can't attack back.

Yes, Voinovich looked stupid, no matter why this happened.
And Podhoretz also reports that people are willing to join me in the anti Voinovich effort.