Thursday, June 23, 2005

Aruba may turn out to be dangerous...

...but at least their government won't take my house!

Anyway, turns out Jonah Goldberg is on the same page as I am with Aruba confusion and Supreme Court outrage:

I CARE....
this much [visualize mere atoms of daylight between my fingers] about this Aruba story, beyond the usual sympathies of course.

But this strikes me as a profoundly stupid media fixation.

Indeed. I agree with the sympathies as well...even as I struggle to visualize "mere atoms." I haven't actually figured that out yet.

Supreme Court:
[U]nless our legal eagles can explain otherwise, this Supreme Court decision sounds absolutely outrageous. I would hope there'd be a little principled outrage from the left about this. Kicking poor people off their property for a shopping mall is disgusting. I got no problem evicting crack dealers and hookers, but a hard-working guy who doesn't want to leave the house he broke his back to pay for? So a new Victoria's Secret can open up? That's just awful.

Yeah, even if said mall has an Orange Julius, a Mrs Field's AND a Ben&Jerry's, it's still awful.