Thursday, June 09, 2005

Free Iran

Yesterday at StonesCryOut, Matt posted about the Iranians striving for democracy in their country. Today I saw (previously mentioned) SuperAnchor Brit Hume interviewing someone from the (I think) American Enterprise Institute who was discussing protests at soccer matches. This interviewee mentioned that he had a disagreement with President Bush because the President keeps saying that if the Iranians show a desire for democracy, America will support them. Now while I can't say that I've ever actually heard the President say this, it seems to me that this is indeed something the President would say.

Therefore, the AEI guy said that Iran has been showing a desire for democracy, but it may not be very organized because everything organized is from the government and they are the tyrants. Sounds like a valid point. Matt agrees:
When will someone - President Bush, Tony Blair, John Howard, Silvo Berlusconi - stand up and join in solidarity with the protestors? Where are our Christian leaders? Instead of hand-wringing over the nefarious Hollywood, how about a movement in support of democracy in Iran? The Southern Baptist Convention begins in two weeks: will someone propose a resolution in support of the students and the democracy activists, or will there be more culture war talk?

If not, how long will the oppression and terror continue?