Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Bangor, Maine: America's First Line of Homeland Defense

Seriously, the Bangor Chamber of Commerce cannot be happy about what Homeland Security and the FAA are doing for tourism. Twice in less than a week, planes containing members of the "no-fly" list are being diverted to Bangor. It's happening again right now with an Alitalia flight from Milan to Boston.

True, these are two events almost back to back, but apparently this is pretty common for Bangor. Just yesterday, AgWeb posted this Jay Leno quote:
Today a flight from Paris to Boston was diverted to Bangor, Maine because a passenger's name showed up on the no-fly list. Did you ever notice every time there's a problem with a plane they force planes to go to Bangor, Maine? When did Maine become Devil's Island all of a sudden? Make them land in Texas. At least everybody there has a gun. They can shoot the guy.

Seriously, is there something we don't know about Bangor, Maine and it's ability to fight terrorists?