Thursday, June 23, 2005

Residents of the City

Wanna know what the Blogosphere thinks of the outrageous Supreme Court ruling that allows your own city to take your house? Well Michelle Malkin has a pretty full round up.

Here's my favorite snippet thus far:
While You Were Busy Protesting The Patriot Act...
the government took your house. I'm sure the residents of New London, Connecticut will be happy to know that while their houses are being demolished, their library records will be safely locked away.
At any rate let's look on the bright side: sure you're homeless, but Justice Ginsburg and the rest of the ACLU will defend your right to squat in the library, and anything you read while you're there will be strictly confidential.

Seriously. No one thinks this is an abuse of personal rights??? I one on the left things that? not enough of Connecticuts local goverment officials think that??

Also amusing, this reader comment that Malkin posted:
Mark K. writes: "I guess we should have been expecting a decision like this since the Supreme Court justices have been citing precedents from Zimbabawe. Why shouldn't they endorse the type of land expropriation that Robert Mugabe has been practicing there?"