Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Poor JPod

I think that SpiderChick and I have had conversations that resemble this John Podhoretz riff, notable for its complete lack of full-stop punctuation - which as such fully captures the essence of the moment:
Hey, you know, I'm supposed to be on vacation and everything, out here at the beach, but there's all this news going on, and so I'm not getting to spend a lot of time relaxing, plus all you immigration people continue to write in capital letters which is annoying, and now Rhenquist has a fever and the space shuttle isn't launching and my daughter is only now getting over an ear infection but my wife has a sinus infection now and then at 6 in the morning the house alarm started going off but it's my parents' house and they're on the luxurious NR cruise around the British isles and I had to jump out of bed to deal with a faulty electrical system in the basement and to top it all off it's 62 degrees in the Hamptons on July 12...