Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Steyn and Goldberg: Together at Last

...or something like that.

Two of my favorite columnists finally meet...at sea no less. Jonah chronicles the meet at The Corner. Now, normally I would just paste and move on, but I just have to make a few comments:
Sorry for the radio silence. Been at sea and all that. The ship is lovely, nicer than any I've been on. But the internet set-up strikes me as akin to Bulgaria in 1962. Very annoying

Yeah. I would think it would be annoying because internet in Bulgaria in 1962 would equal just about no internet. I think Al Gore was too young to have invented it way back then :)
Anyway, it's been a very nice time. The high point and low point were both that I finally got to meet Mark Steyn. The annoying thing is that he's actually a young guy-- or at least he appears that way, there may be some Dorian Gray ooga-booga at work.

Jonah, please explain to me the scientific nature of "ooga-booga."
we're in Waterford -- where they make the crystal. So I think we'll duck into town and buy a crystal baseball mit or maybe a cricket bat. Something really practical.
It's not only practical, it's time appropriate. It is after all, All-Star game day.

Which reminds me, did you know that this one counts??

UPDATE: I should have kept reading, silly me.
KLo has the very next Corner post, saying:
BULGARIAN INTERNET CONNECTIONS IN 1962 Yeah, they were the worst. And the Communists were so good about putting all the info out there. But the cable lines would go down, and...

Waterford, eh? I fully expect a crystal laptop, gavel, witch's broom. Something completely appropriate from the gang that is not in NYC in August.

I don't mind thinking like her, that's for sure. :)