Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Ohio GOP

Today in the mail I got a request for a donation from the Ohio Republican Party. Well I don't have the funds for this right now, and so I declined, because I know how to limit spending, unlike other Ohio politicians. But the Ohio GOP apparently has bigger problems then just being turned down for money by little ol' me. Apparently the Ohio Democratic Party HQ was broken into over the weekend:
The break-in occurs at a time when the Ohio Republican Party is threatened by one of the largest scandals to hit the state's government in decades.

Some Democrats also say the break-in is eerily similar to a burglary at the Lucas County Democratic Party Headquarters last fall, in which three computers were stolen.
The break-in occurred a week after the Ohio Democratic Party began airing a 30-second TV ad that links Republican office-holders with the state's failed $50 million rare-coin investment with Tom Noe.
Jason Mauk, a spokesman for the Ohio Republican Party, said the state GOP had nothing to do with the break-in. "I certainly hope the implication is that this was not politically motivated," Mr. Mauk said. "I can guarantee from our perspective that this is not the case." He added, "It sounds to me like Mayor [Michael] Coleman has a crime problem that they need to address."

Clearly the Toledo Blade has some kind of agenda here. While it's true that I excerpted the most blantant pieces of the article, those first two paragraphs are the 3rd and 4th paragraphs of the entire article - an article with 36 paragraphs! (Yes, I counted.) Trying to insinuate GOP involvement just for the sake of insinuation is bad, even without an impending election. It's these kind of things that make people distrust local papers when there is an impending election.

Anyway, I found this article via Right Angle Blog, one that covers all things Ohio (for anyone interested).

Also found there, a poll about what will "save Ohio." The choices are pretty interesting:
* Petro's Reorganization of State Government?
* Blackwell's Amendment to Limit State Spending?
* Montgomery's 100,000 Grants to Students who Remain in Ohio?
* Draganic's: Restructuring of the State's Budget Process?

Uh...keeping students in Ohio? What?? I admit that I don't know anything about this plan, but the idea itself seems random. People move to Ohio freely because it's a great state. In fact I just saw a woman with whom I graduated High School who told me that she moved back up here from Georgia because she liked it here better. I think paying people to stay here makes Ohio seem like the burning wasteland of unemployment that John Kerry was always implying it was during the election.

I'd have to say limiting state spending is the way to go. Let's hear it for Kenneth Blackwell!