Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Who is this guy anyway?

I totally agree with Doug here. Belafonte can't be called anything else than unamerican and he really needs to Just. Stop. Talking.
The ironic thing is I first heard about this story when a friend of mine, an intelligent businessman, was reading the daily paper and said "Who is Harry Belafonte?"
I said, "A singer."
"Well, why is he so ridiculous?"

The man had no idea who Belafonte was and the fact that I couldn't really recall enough information about the guy to give a better description, both made me more than a little happy. (Although in my head I immediately had some sort of reggae or whatever soundtrack running...banana songs and whatever.)

I also love the Scrappleface link that Doug points out, particularly the fact that Ott has Kim Jong Il questioning Belafonte's choice to rank Bush over Kim himself. Ha!

Oh and "Ex-celebrity"! Yes, that is how I should have described Belafonte when asked :)