Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I live in Ohio, so I can't avoid it

Although, I am over it. The Game that is. You know, the one where OSU lost really, really badly. Unfortunately I stayed up to watch the whole thing, in hope of a last minute comeback...but...no.

I was discussing this with the Ranger earlier today (who, by the way, jokingly predicted a Florida blow out!) and expressed my frustration for the Bucks inability to adjust their defense away from the super-failure-zone to a more plausible man-to-man coverage.
That's right, I may be a girl (and sometimes inadvertently throw like one) but I also know a little football - I even spotted a few fouls last night and called out yardage gain and loss! Go me. But still...what was up with the Zone?? I have a special place in my heart for ol'Jim Tressel since his previous coaching position was right here at Youngstown State University...but Jimmy what happened? Well, there's always next year. And Florida does get credit for the 98 man rush. That made a big difference. (Seriously, didn't it seem like they had extra guys out there on the line? At least during the blitz). Tressel is still a good coach and Ohio State still had a 12-0 record.
And...most importantly...
They did, in fact -



Meanwhile, James Think expresses his own football frustration in the form of a resolution:
Inquire as to why the Bengals defense believed OT rules included a change from tackling to two-hand touch.

Football. Sigh.