Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Back to Tora Bora

The Fourth Rail debunks "We lost Osama in Tora Bora" claims by John Kerry and the Left, using actual information and Tommy Franks quotes.
Here's one of the many important points found in this post:
Not only are the Tora Bora claims examples of the Left’s lack of understanding of the difficult political, geographical and logistical problems of fighting in Afghanistan, they are further examples of Senator Kerry’s willingness to denigrate our allies. The Afghans that fought side by side with Americans at Tora Bora are equated to thugs stealing American soldier’s jobs. The Pakistanis’ internal political risk of moving troops into their restive tribal regions is ignored, as is their significant contribution of troops. John Kerry does not view the bold actions by Afghani fighters and the Pakistani government as significant contributions to the war effort. John Kerry’s nuanced foreign policy of insulting allies at the expense of political gain is not likely to inspire confidence in the allies that have taken great risk to support the war effort.