Friday, October 01, 2004

Post Debate Polling

Kathryn Jean Lopez at The Corner posted Gallup's polls this morning:
***Demonstrated he is tough enough for the job: Bush 54/ Kerry 37

***Likable Bush 48/Kerry 41

***Believable Bush 48 / Kerry 45

***Agreed with you more on the issues you care about: Bush 49/ Kerry 46

***Had a good understanding of the issues 41/41

***Expressed himself more clearly: Bush 32/Kerry 60

On Iraq: Before Debate: 54 said the president would do a better job handling Iraq than Kerry (40)
After: 54/43

More, lifted from Bush-campaign readings: John Kerry failed to improve his ratings on “handling the responsibilities of Commander-in-Chief”. Prior to the start of the debate, 55% of voters said they trusted the President with the responsibilities of commander in chief while 42% trusted Kerry. After the debate, 54% trust Bush and 44% trust Kerry (Gallup).

This is very refreshing. I think it means the American people are continuing to remember that we shouldn't vote for a President based on his ability to be slick and stylish, but on his ability to lead.

UPDATE: Also from The Corner:
Totally Unrelated, Yet Amusing, Quote of the Day

"It might be good English to say that the French Revolution 'modified' the status of the French nobility -- but only because there is a figure of speech called understatement and a literary device known as sarcasm."
Justice Scalia, MCI v AT&T, 512 US 218 (1994).