Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Preparing for January 12th

A short while ago, Sean noted a very worthy Captain Ed organized event. Tomorrow is January 12th and it is going to be a special day to try extra hard to get donations for World Vision's Tsunami Relief Effort.

Additionally, I know of a few other fantastic organizations that are also raising money to help in the region:

Compassion International - I sponsor two children through this organization which meets physical and spiritual needs of children and communities all over the world on a daily basis.

Samaritan's Purse
- Franklin Graham's organization that works with children and families in underdeveloped regions around the world all year long. [Toll-free # 1-800-567-8183]

Gospel for Asia - Christian Organization focusing mainly on training native Christians to minister in their own countries. As their name suggests, their focus is on Asia, with workers in India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. You can read GFA updates on the regions hit by the Tsunami here.

The title of Sean's post: "Give till it hurts!" echoes a call in Hugh Hewitt's book "If it's not close, They can't cheat," referring to donations to political campaigns. I know many of us took up the call then, and it was certainly an important cause - but this one is even more important. I can't imagine there being any limit on the amount of need in that region and our donations today will be a blessing for years and generations to come.