Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Concerns about Michael

At StonesCryOut, Matt Stokes reacts to John Derbyshire's reactions to Terri Schiavo:
John Derbyshire must have been asleep on this issue. His Corner posts over the last two days have exhibited complete and utter confusion on the matter. In this posts he cites an "eloquent" letter from a reader who assumes that Michael Schiavo dearly loves his wife. Yeah, he loves Terri dearly. That's why he has had a common law wife and two children while Terri's been denied adequte medical care over the last ten yeras. This is complete and utter nonsense.

These are good points about Michael. The Ranger sent me an email along similar lines this morning:
I have a question...
How can Michael Schiavo be married to 2 women? He
didn't want to be her husband when he found another
woman, so he doesn't need to be her husband now.

Good points, these.