Monday, March 21, 2005

President Bush Signed the Bill

It was expected, but he gets a good ol' "Hooray" for it anyway.

With the drama over at this point I guess...the news networks have gone back to taped shows. CNN, forever showing us its bias, is showing a Larry King Live with Michael Schiavo from Oct. 2003.

MSNBC is hiding it a little better by simply showing meet the press where the Bush Adminstration bashing is not limited to this particular case.

Fox News skirts the issue altogether by talking about baseball with Geraldo and Tom Sizemore.

So, I'm going to watch a little more of David Sutcliffe on the Travel Channel and then go to bed.

I really pray that all of this midnight politicking is more than just midnight politicking and that Terri's life is permanently protected from the wills of others.