Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A Better Place

Last week I disagreed with Glenn Beck for positing that Jesus would have healed Terri Schiavo. But this week he said something that I agreed with related to all that. It was actually something I had noticed over the weekend.

Glenn noticed that there has been so much sadness on TV over the Pope dying, and I understand that death is generally a sad thing. But when Terri Schiavo died one could hear the press talking about how it was such a beautiful thing and she was in a "better place" and not much about mourning or being sad.

And so I wonder if the press really knew much about Terri's faith and simply what sent her to said "better place" was that she was handicapped and then killed. Whereas, the Pope, who devoted practically his entire life to following God and leading His Church, is someone to be mourned. We are told to be sad instead of being told to celebrate his Homegoing. I understand that it is sad that the era is passing in the church, but I don't feel sad for the Pope because his death was not a tragedy or unexpected. He lived a good life, a life he gave to God and to people. And now he is having an even better life with God, one without tears and pain and surely one that began with God saying "Well done, good and faithful servant." Because the Pope was indeed a good and faithful servant of the Lord.