Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Color Coding

The other day Spiderchick and I were discussing the lively game Collapse. It's great fun, though semi-addicting and I'm sure she would join me in advising that one doesn't play more than one game at a time, unless you're fond of seeing primary colored blocks in your sleep.

Anyway, due to that conversation I began to wonder if there was a way to correlate whether you had a chance of reaching a high-score, based on your score at the end of each incremental level. (Anyone who has a problem with my use of the word "incremental" in this instance, please contact the Ranger, who is quite interested in how people interpret that word)

So a few days ago, in the middle of a game, I started recording my score at the end of each level. I only did levels 7-9, and then the big GAME OVER appeared and my final score was 380,137. Not a personal high score and thus I wasn't too upset that my live blogging experiment was incomplete.

Today, I tried again (because I'm a strong believer in perserverence)

Here are the scores at the completion of each level (with a little annotation here and there to make a big list of numbers more fun :)
Level 1 - 6,481
Level 2 - 15,006
Level 3 - 23,071 (at this point I was starting to worry that my pace was slipping)
Level 4 - 49,826 (respectable I guess)
Level 5 - 173,173 (Woohoo! Eradicating a large conglomerate of red blocks gave me a 90,000+ bonus! :)
Level 6 - 244,477
Level 7 - 331,914
Level 8 - 421,239

Then, I started Level 9. It would have 70 lines, of which I only made it through 61 before the big GAME OVER appeared on my screen.

Final Score - 508,242

A new personal best, thus making this whole endeavor worthy of a post.