Tuesday, April 12, 2005

What would God think?

I agree with Matt:

First, Jeff Brokaw says:
Besides, with all the ridiculous, overheated rhetoric about the “Christian right” running the country and embarking on a fevered rush to take away our freedoms to surf for pr0n 24x7, aren’t Christians allowed to make some over the top statements once in a while, without being pilloried?

To which Matt replies:
Around the coffeetable? Maybe. In public? Nope. No one's perfect, but we've got to be above this sort of thing. Wise as a serpent, gentle as a dove.

Yes, This would be a true statement if all that mattered was what other people thought. But it's not all that matters. We have to be good witnesses, but we also have to act responsible before God. Afterall, what is an "over the top" statement? It's an exaggeration, which is a way of lying, right? That's not good. We need complete honestly with ourselves, with others, and especially with God.

Today I saw a young married woman wearing a shirt with some sparkly writing on it. I didn't particularly think the word on it was a good word. It wasn't a curse word, but it didn't display Christian modesty. My friend said, "Well, if her husband doesn't mind, what's the big deal?"
Well, what about being a good Christian witness?
And - what about God?
Maybe it's a shirt she can wear "around the coffeetable" with her husband...but not out visiting people in town.

Maybe I'm being too modest, but the point remains the same. We must remember that we can sin against others, but we can also sin against God. He asks us to be Holy as He is Holy and we must try to do this in everything we do and say.