Monday, July 18, 2005

Surely an error correction is in order...

I've realized that perhaps it was irresponsible of me to have 3 links in my previous post on the Plame/Wilson/Rove/Cooper/Miller story. I mean, I didn't really talk about them, I just shared the titles, just for little smiles here and there. But it was a mistake. I see that now. If I was going to have 3 links to one site in a single post, I should have chosen a different site.

So, let the word ring forth, from this point forward, I will only link to non-erroneous, non-ambiguous, non-partisan sources. [This is keeping in the vein of Mr. Joseph Wilson, who himself has always been free of error, ambiguity and partisanship.]

The only way I can see to solve this problem is by going to

All Joshua Micah Marshall, all the time. A man who, who even though he asks the question: "What else is there to say?" will surely manage to find something else to say.

Which is good, because if he doesn't say anything else, I won't have anything to post about here.