Saturday, January 15, 2005

Hope for fans of losing (and soon to be losing) football teams

Peter at OneBigSwede has apparently been feeling some Minnesota Viking malaise lately, even with their win over Green Bay last week. But in spite of all that, he still wants to be "ready for some football" and posts a humorous Michael J. Nelson essay to help others like himself be better prepared for the big games.

Here is an excerpt (I chose the first paragraph because I was amazed Nelson could relate the Minoan Civilzation to the NFL and the second paragraph because I love foosball):

And it's tough to even fake rowdiness when your team stinks. This year, the Vikings have so far played not so much like Vikings as they have, say, Minoans. Nothing against the Minoans: I'm sure they had a fine civilization, as ancient civilizations go. It's just that they're not renowned for their fierceness. Great clay pots. Just kind of a wimpy people.
Fortunately, there are plenty of ways fans with losing teams can get ready for some football, and encourage their rowdy friends to come over and prepare themselves for some as well! To start, try getting everyone ready for some foosball. It's a very similar game, except in football the men are larger and have arms, but otherwise it's hard to tell them apart. Foosball is a good warm-up, because it's about 1/18th scale, so it takes eighteen times less effort to get ready for it.

Who knows, maybe fans in the northeast will need to be reminded of their love of football after today. [New York and Pittsburgh, I'm looking in your direction since the game is now tied...)