Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Today's the Day - Give to World Vision

Today is January 12th - time to donate to World Vision's Tsunami Relief Effort.

I was going to say "...if you haven't already done so" but I think that even if you have, you can again. When I think about the money we spend on things...just yesterday I bought a Hawaiian shirt because last summer I wanted one and they were all too expensive. Now true it was on Clearance for $3.50, but I didn't really need it and if I can spare money for things like that, then surely I can spare more money to donate to those who perhaps lost all their clothes and their house and worse...their family.

So join us and click on the World Vision link and give today, perhaps again, to those who need it.

Thank you.

ps: Check out Captain Ed's note about today where he also includes a list of other blogs who are helping. With all the talk about the blogosphere in 2004, it is great to see that we can band together and start 2005 in such a wonderful way :)