Thursday, January 13, 2005

The (Relatively) Infinite Potential Well

An interesting thing happens when one has not posted to one's blog in a while - the potential barrier to posting continues to grow until the lax poster feels like the "Comeback post" has to be of some great important, something incredibly stellar. something worthy of a comeback in the first place.

This phenomenon was foremost in my mind during recent weeks as I considered what I would write to jumpstart my website. When I saw the posts about World Relief day, I knew that was worth overcoming my own relatively silly concerns.

Which is why I find this Rick Brady sentence so hilarious:
Abigail Brayden is back and she uses her first post in over a month to draw attention to Captain Ed's January 12 World Relief Day.

In that one line, Rick has managed a compliment on the content of my post as well as a somewhat back handed compliment on my lack of posting. Too funny.

It's no problem though, we bloggers need to be held accountable. In fact, one of my concerns was whether I was ever going to make it back on Rick's meal-themed blogroll. Now, after reading this post, I'm even more skeptical of my chances...