Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Divine Pondering by the Periodic Table

Someone built a wooden table, in the shape of the Periodic Table of Elements, and within that table, put samples of all the elements. It's quite the thing. He also sells posters, has video of sodium explosions and writes cool articles for popular science.

The Periodic Table has always appealed to me, even before I was a Christian, it just seemed so neat and orderly. But now looking at it, I really do marvel at how God created all the elements in the world in such a way that a majority of them fit into rows that are 18 columns long, and that their locations in the table, correspond to ways in which the elements react to each other, or whether or not they form covalent or ionic bonds...

As a scientist, I could describe this much more in depth, but that would be digressing. The point is, we all know that God makes beautiful things: check out the freshly fallen snow throughout much of the country, or the beautiful spring flowers, or the constellations of twinkling stars on a cool crisp night. God is a fan of artistry, beauty and majesty. But He understands the importance of order, and He wows us with that as well.

Our God - an Awesome God.