Friday, March 02, 2007

No, please, not a movie!

...Anything but a movie!!!

But unfortunately my pleading will probably not be answered. JustOneMinute (who has an awesome subtitle, by the way) reports that there is going to be a Joe and Valerie movie.

Why?? Why?!!!

And here's a gem from the Variety article:
WB has secured the life rights of Plame and Wilson. Studio also will use Plame's memoir, "Fair Game," if the CIA permits her to publish it. Plame made a reported publishing deal in the $2.5 million range last year, and Simon & Schuster is expected to publish late this year. While it would be ironic for Plame's story to be illegally leaked by the White House, only to have another government branch deny her the right to tell it herself, the CIA has the latitude to silence Plame.

Yeah, sure, ironic. You know what I find even more ironic? That the Wilsons are suing for the alleged outing AND planning to make at least $2.5 million off it. They can't really claim pain and suffering in that case.

Moreover, how can Variety say that Plame's story was "illegally leaked by the White House?" If something illegal happened in the telling of the story, wouldn't that person have been arrested? Are they forgetting that Libby is not on trial for leaking anything, but rather for, essentially, having a bad memory?


This just goes to show the problem with all of this. No one really understands the intricacies of this story, often because they don't want to. It's easier to blame the White House. It's just like Global Warming in that way. Which, sadly, is why liberals will eat it up.